Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Funnies: The Oviedo Chickens

When I e-mailed my cousin Nancy about my up-coming visit to Florida, I told her I wanted to do some birding while I was there. Her response: "Then you have to see the famous Oviedo chickens." When I arrived, I asked her to explain. It seems that several years ago, the Oviedo feed store had a shipment of spring chicks that got loose. It wasn't clear to me whether the chicks escaped on their own, or whether they weren't selling and so were set free.

No matter, the chicks survived and thrived. Now, they range all over town, and are protected by law.
You can actually be fined for harming or killing a chicken.

jay-walking chicken

I saw chickens hanging out behind the Popeye's Chicken fast food place (bad idea!),

in the drive-through lane at the bank (getting cash for Popeye's?), and even a broody hen nestled in the ground cover outside the library.

Oviedo loves their chickens, as this T-shirt clearly shows.

"crazy about Oviedo chickens"

More gratuitous chicken photos, for the chicken-lovers out there (Zick, this bird's for YOU!)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

There are wild chickens in Key West too. We saw them there. I wonder if these look anything like the wild chickens of yore.

KGMom said...

Now those are some free range chickens.
Well, I guess waaayyyy back, all chickens were free range.
Cool feathers!

Lynne said...

Oooh! (smacking lips) I like the black and white stripey one!


Kathy said...

Oh, what beautiful chickens! I had pet chickens several years ago that were allowed to roam my backyard. They gave us lots of eggs, but no chicken dinners. Coyotes got some of them, but most lived to 8 to 10 years old.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh, now I have another place I must go. Here's what I find interesting about this: Barred Plymouth Rocks, red Leghorns...they seem to be staying true to breed! Wonder if they will revert to the classic red and green Indian Jungle Fowl phenotype over time? Science Chimp would be taking notes on the frequency of certain types of breed. And looking for nests. Thank you! Bird received!

Susan Gets Native said...

Wild chickens.
Are they countable? I don't think they are on any checklist I have ever seen.