Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dogs at the NAVC

Ten days was a long time for me to go without animals in my life. Luckily, I did get to see a few dogs at the North American Veterinary Conference.

Some real:

Some not so much:

And some only in pictures:

This is a pretty cool thing. At many vet conferences, you have the opportunity to take a "wet lab," a hands-on training session where you learn some new surgical, dental, procedural, or laboratory technique to add to your skill set. In the past, the demo dogs for these labs were sometimes euthanized. Now, they get a chance to find new homes.

Final photo, though not a dog. This was my "roommate" while I stayed with my family. Harriet is my cousin Lyndsey's teddy-bear hamster. Isn't she cute?


Sara said...

You are so right about spending time away from our pets, after about 48 hours, I feel like a part of me is missing.
The Miniature Poodle in your photo certainly has a beautiful hair cut. I clip Libby, my little Poodle, at home and though she looks alright, the dog in the photo is truely gorgeous !

Kathy said...

The hamster is so cute! I hope all the adoptable dogs find homes soon.

Holly said...

The old way seems kind of harsh for the dog. I'm so glad they've changed and are focusing attention on new homes for the 'guinea pig' dogs. Although I know that vets are only too aware of the overflow of unwanted pets issue.

I am hormonal and emotional right now for many reasons and last night I saw this commercial on TV. 'Hallie's family got a new apartment' (showing a dog rolling on the floor in true happiness). 'They don't allow pets' (cut to shot of Hallie in a shelter kennel). It just started the tears for some reason, even as I felt silly for doing it.

Did Harriet run all night, every night in her wheel?

Julie Zickefoose said...







You must have a way to get us one. You must know a doggie drug rep. Do it. Please.
Clipped Bakers nails again today!! He's sooo debonair now!

Kathy said...

Holly, I know how you feel. During the puppy bowl on animal planet on super bowl Sunday, they kept showing "Echo" in a shelter waiting for adoption, with a 50 percent chance of being adopted. If there were homes for all of them, that would be wonderful.

KatDoc said...

Holly & Kathy: Those commercials get me, too. I can't go into animal shelters. I get too emotional when I see all those faces looking out at me.

Harriet was the quietest hamster I have ever met. I slept in her room 3 nights, and only one of those did I hear her running on the wheel.

Zick: I don't think I can get you access to the inflatable BT. He travels around the country to different veterinary conventions. Besides, did you SEE how big he is? There's no way you'd have room for him and he would probably blow away in your ridge-top storms, anyway.

Way to go on trimming Chet's nails. I'ze so proud of you!