Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lone Cabbage Fish Camp

One last post from Florida to get us through the end of February. Soon, it will be time for flowering bulbs and early migrants. If we just hold on a little longer, spring will be here.
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As I mentioned, one of the fun things I did in Florida last month was to take an airboat ride on the St. John River. The tour company took us to the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp for our adventure.

Lone Cabbage is a quirky place - when I told my uncle I had been there, he exclaimed, "That's real cracker stuff!" and my cousins told me Lone Cabbage was an infamous part of Florida history. ("Cracker" by the way, refers to the old Florida tradition of herding cattle through the sawgrass and palmetto by cracking whips, since you didn't have the open plains of the Old West to drive your cattle by sight.)

Lone Cabbage Fish Camp started as a fishing camp,
named for the single cabbage palm at its original site. Now it is the most famous "dive" bar ("dive" as in questionable reputation, not as in scuba diving) in central Florida.

Its location halfway between Cocoa and Orlando has made it a convenient stop for motorcyclists and travelers, and its position on the St John River (really more of a shallow lake than a river) has drawn the airboating crowd.

Lone Cabbage - motorcycles parked in front,

airboat dock at the back.

They have a bar, a kitchen, and entertainment on the weekends, including live music on the "stage" and dancing on the concrete slab floor.

The "bar" at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp.

What more could you ask for, you say? How about deep-fried alligator nuggets? Yum, yum!

"Tastes like chicken!"


Lynne said...

Sounds like the place had alot of character! We had gator nuggets at the Minnesota Stae Fair two years ago and they tasted like fishy pencil erasers!

Kathy said...

I've never eaten alligator, but my former husband had it once when he was at a ham radio convention. A guy who owned a Florida restaurant brought them some alligator to try. Everyone liked it since it tasted like chicken!

Lisa said...

My one and only encounter with gator was very similar to Lynne's. What does one dip gator into, BTW?

Sara said...

The Lone Cabbage Bar looks interesting, a good place to visit in the daytime. Saturday at midnight...maybe not !

Mary said...

Ewww... "fishy pencil erasers!????

You ate them?

Anonymous said...

Cracker stuff eh? 'Round these parts, 'cracker' means something else, lol. But that's probably where it originated from. First time I ever heard of it was in GWTW, when the author described a character as 'obvious Cracker'.

Interesting! Did the bits really taste like chicken? Maybe Lynn & Lisa got erasers?

KGMom said...

O-k-a-y. . .Lone Cabbage Fish Camp--just the sound of it!
And fried 'gator? Hmmmm--think I'll pass, although we did have alligator pate once (at the Grand Floridian in Disney World). Can't remember what it tasted like.
Not pencil erasers, that's for sure.

Susan Gets Native said...


KatDoc said...

Actually, the gator nuggets tasted like deep fried dough dipped into cocktail sauce. I really didn't get any "flavor" at all, other than the sauce. Someone else thought they tasted like shrimp.

Can't say I would go out of my way to eat alligator again, but at least I can cross it off my bucket list.


Anonymous said...

What? You people don't like taste of pencil erasers? Jeesh. Actually I agree with Kathi. It was OK, not terrific.