Friday, July 4, 2008

Pit Fired Pots

Here are the final results of my pit firing experience. While I had tons of fun building and lighting the big fire, and working, chatting, and socializing with the other potters, not to mention the eating, I was less than thrilled with the outcome.

The first two pieces were of brown clay, which I treated with mineral oil prior to bisque firing. That may be why they are almost totally black.

This pot was wrapped with horsehair, and you can see a bit of streaking in that area.

The three other pieces were made of white clay, and coated with terra sig before the first firing. On this one, I used a metallic underglaze.

Getting better. More color, less black, but still not what I was hoping for. Used a metallic glaze on this pot, too.

Finally, this last piece, which I am embarrassed to say I forgot about and left at the studio. Someone had to point out to me that it was mine.

It is my favorite one of the bunch.

I am sure I will do the pit firing again next year, for the fun, but I'm happier with the results of regular kiln-fired glazing. There are enough inconsistencies in that process for me.

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Mary C said...

Ooh! My favorite is the one featured in your 4th and 5th photos. I love the shape of the pot as well as the coloring. Great job, Kat Doc! Thanks for sharing.