Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Professional Potter is Born

I made my first sales this weekend! Of course, it will be a long, LONG time before I can support myself with my pottery, but it's a start.

KatDoc setting up on Friday night

This was the first time my Mom's church has held a craft fair, and they have a lot of details to work out. Traffic was very, very slow, and I only sold 5 pieces, but I got a lot of compliments on my work and one woman even wanted to commission me to make a specific type of pot for her. I had to explain that I'm not up to that level, at least not yet.

My half of our table, showing off the wares of
Black Kat Pottery

I thought the votive and tea light holders would go over well,
but I only sold one.




Lisa has done a lot of craft fairs and shows, and said this was one different than most, in terms of location, customers and general atmosphere. It was a good venue for me to start out in - I wasn't under any pressure nor did I feel intimidated by the level of the crafters around me - but it was a long drive from Columbus for her, with not much profit to show for her efforts. Still, we did have a good time!

My sister shared the booth rental fee with me
and kept me company.

To keep ourselves busy, we did some crafting while we waited for lookers to turn into buyers. Since I couldn't throw clay, Lisa taught me some simple tasks and delegated make-work to me. At first, I just followed orders, but when I began kibbitzing, suggesting color combinations, for instance, she reminded me that I was strictly production, not design.

My first job was making little origami gift boxes. I struggled with the multiple folds and tucks, and felt defeated when I couldn't make the corners come out right. "Ray-Ray can't do crafts," I muttered, inventing a mentally challenged personality on the fly. Ray-Ray became my alter ego, taking responsibility if things didn't come out just right.

Ray-Ray graduated to cutting out brightly colored circles from rice paper and gluing them onto little bits of glass to make refrigerator magnets. I did 33 before I got tired of it.

"Ray-Ray do good work!"

Finished magnets on display
(click to enlarge)

So, how much money did I make? Well, after paying for my half of the table space, I cleared $11.

I won't be going to Cape May on my pottery sales, that's for sure.


nina said...

That's a good picture of you sitting surrounded by your wares.
I wouldn't be too disappointed at low sales in July--how many people are shopping this time of year?
I'd be willing to bet a\that if you did some more shows in the fall, you'd see a big jump--go for it!

Mary said...

Hi Ray-Ray,

You do good work! I first wanted that soap dispenser and I love the colors of your votive candle holders. Next year, if you keep working at it... you might be able to afford airfare!

Thanks for the giggles. Great post. I love honest humor.


Anonymous said...

Nice cleavage, "Ray-Ray"!

Lisa said...

How do I always come out sounding like the bad guy in these things? "Ray-Ray" did a fine job with the boxes and even found himself (herself?) getting hooked on the process. And after a while Ray-Ray was even consulted on color combinations, thankyouverymuch.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Kathi,
Your pottery is gorgeous. I hope you're planning to bring some to WV to swap for my hand-knitted stuff??

KatDoc said...


What a good idea! Your knitwear, Susan's jewelry - I can get enough bowls or votives or something done by then. We'll have our own crafting swap meet.


Mary C said...

Well, KatDoc, it sounds like you'll need to keep your day job a while longer, LOL. I think your pottery is beautiful and as Nina suggested, try again in the fall. And a swap meet in WV with you and RuthieJ and Susan. Cool.

holly said...

You'll definitely do better as fall comes on and people are thinking gifts. But I'm so impressed that you've come this far so soon - from lots of salsa bowls to selling items! Did you wear the recommended boho skirt?

(I agree......nice cleavage...;)