Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pot Sales

Black Kat Pottery is having its inaugural sale! My sister and I are sharing a table at the "Christmas in July" craft sale at my Mom's church next weekend. I'm getting rather excited, and so today, I set up my wares on the dining room table to see how things would look.

I'm making little signs and trying to plan a colorful and logical arrangement. As well as the pieces on the table, I still have 3 candle holders, a bowl, a soup mug and a pump dispenser at the studio waiting to be glaze-fired. I hope to have them back by next Thursday. I also have a collection of what I am calling "student pots." They are things that didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but they might appeal to someone else. I plan on putting them in a large basket and letting people pick through them. Sometimes, the thrill is in the hunt, and discovering a "treasure" that speaks to you.

The black cat statue to the right of my sign isn't something I made, nor is it for sale. It is my mascot, my lucky charm. If you want to know the truth, it is the ashes of my first black cat, Pyewacket, who I hope will bring me luck. (I'm still looking for another black cat urn for Katmandu.)

Right now, I am trying to come up with the perfect outfit to wear. What says "Kicky country potter, earth child of the 60's" to you?

If you are near the Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church either Friday evening July 11 or Saturday, July 12, stop by and see me.


Susan Gets Native said...

You need a broomstick shirt, a peasant blouse, chunky jewelry and your birding hat. And maybe have some patcholi burning.

Be sure to say lots of "Groovy"'s and "Far out, man"'s.

holly said...

Ah, Susan beat me to it. Definitely broomstick, boho, gypsyish skirt and ethnic jewelry. Something big and chunky, either stone or bead or seashell. Speaking of which, that's what I wear to work every day. How lucky am I that I not only can wear the clothes that are 'me' every day but also work barefoot - and earn money doing something I love? Not too many people as fortunate as I.

Wish I was going to be near, I'd love to come and own a real piece of Black Kat pottery! Good luck to you!

Mary C said...

Your display looks very attractive. I think you will do quite well. Be sure to tell us how it goes.