Friday, July 20, 2007

Check out this blog!

While trying to identify this caterpillar (It is a cat of an Eight Spotted Forester Moth, by the way) I stumbled across the Burning Silo blog. Bev Wigney, the author, is a nature writer and photographer in eastern Ontario Cananda, and her macrophotography of bugs will make you weep, they are so perfect.

I thought I had my caterpillar identified from my Golden Guide to Butterflies and Moths, but wanted a photograph to confirm my suspicions. Searching the Internet, I came across this photo and post about a summer project raising caterpillars.

Bev has issued a challenge post, to count the number of Phymata (Ambush Bugs) on a Common Yarrow flower. Click the link below to participate. Try it, it's fun!

Take the Great Phymata Challenge.

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