Saturday, July 28, 2007

Miscellaneous garden photos

There hasn't been much happening this week, and to tell the truth, I haven't been in the blogging mood, so here are some file photos of things from my garden in summers past.

Purple Coneflower with Tiger Swallowtail:

For butterflies and goldfinches, coneflower can't be beat.

Achillea "Fire King":

I like Achillea (yarrow.) It is easy, tolerates neglect, comes in several varieties, and is not invasive. As well as "Fire King," I also have
"Coronation Gold" (golden-yellow, tall, tendency to flop over) and "Moonlight" (shorter, pale yellow.)

Water Hyacinth:

This stuff self-propagates like crazy, and will take over a small water garden very quickly. NEVER toss it in a natural water feature, like a farm pond, always keep it confined. It dies back in winter, but it will take over if not controlled.

water lily Nymphaea "Helvola":

This is a really nice and popular miniature water lily, the perfect size for a whiskey barrel water garden. The flowers stay open later than many other water lilies, so I actually get to see the blooms some evenings after work.

And, from this season, two baby apples.

The freezing cold weather in early spring hit just as my four apple trees were in full bloom, and I despaired of having any to harvest this year. Luckily, a few buds survived, and I will have a small crop, but nothing like previous years.

Fresher posts next week. Till then, have a good weekend, all!


KGMom said...

Love them apples. I have a neighbor with an apple tree--she lets the apples fall to the ground and does NOTHING with them at all!

nina said...

Your apples look perfect! And I think this heavy air is weighing us down these days.
It won't be long before that chill in the air and a nice crunchy apple will mean a new chapter.