Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eight Random Things

A while ago, Birdchick tagged me for the Eight Random Things meme. It took me a while to think of 8 semi-interesting, but not too personal, things about myself to share with the blogosphere. Since I can't seem to load any photos tonight, I guess I will try a post of nothing but words.

In no particular order:

1) I'm a P.K. (Preacher's Kid.) Dad was a United Methodist minister.
2) I can crochet, but I can't knit. Two needles just seem harder to handle than one hook.
3) I have climbed an active volcano. (In Guatemala, during spring break from college. "Active" means "having the potential to erupt," not that lava is actually spewing forth.)
4) I once was a magician's assistant.
5) I am afraid of heights.
6) I have lost 20 pounds since January. (Can I get a "Hallelujah, sister" on that one?)
7) I am a recycler.
8) I have never been married, and the longer I live alone, the less I think I want to be. I'm too stuck in my ways. "I want a man in my life, just not in my house," a woman comedian once said, and I think I agree. Of course, there is one guy could probably make me change my mind (and you know who you are.) Thick, dark hair, going salt-and-pepper, looks great in a tuxedo, has that special twinkle in his beautiful eyes ... George Clooney.

The rules say you need to tag other people, but all the bloggers I know have already played this game, so I guess it ends with me. Now, aren't you sorry you asked?


KGMom said...

I do love reading these 8 random things.
A PK, eh?. Me too.
And on that # 6--HALLELUJAH, sister!
Well, George Clooney could make many of us do things we don't think we will (or should).

Susan Gets Native said...

You get a Hallelujah and an AMEN!
Yummmm....George Clooney.....
I met his Dad once, btw.

Mary said...

Hallelujah, sister!

I enjoyed getting to know more about you. You were a magician's assistant? Now, that's cool.

I am afraid of heights, too, and now I am swooning over your man.