Friday, July 20, 2007

Funny Friday Photos

Grace, nice girls don't sleep like that!

"Hang in there, baby, Friday's coming!"
Sing, in her poster girl pose.

Holly, using her hands like a person.
Too bad there's no sound with this one.

Tugger gives new meaning to the phrase "Bird Feeder."


KGMom said...

What great animal photos--are these all yours?
Tugger looks like the fit is a little tight!

Mary said...

I loved this, Katdoc! They are all yours? Sweet. The "Tugger" shot is a classic, along with your caption :o)

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute, with very fitting captions! Kathy

Susan Gets Native said...

I was bummed I didn't get to meet your cats.
Get Gracie some etiquette lessons!

KatDoc said...

Yes, all these pets are mine and none of the photos were staged. I still have 3 of them; sadly Sing, the kitten in the tree, is no longer with me. She was a very funny cat, always wanting to eat whatever I had. Once I even caught her sticking her head into a glass of wine.