Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toxicology Tuesday, July 24

Dog owners with small children have likely encountered this week’s “Toxicology” situation.

Toxic or Not?

Answer: Not toxic. Crayons are non-toxic, but dog owners may get a colorful surprise the next time they scoop the poop!


Lisa said...

Not. Just colorful poo.

KGMom said...

Hmmm-toxic? I would guess not, but I bet all that wax (or whatever) causes a belly ache or upset tummy.

KatDoc--I have a question about a specific plant that I wonder if it is toxic. I would love you email you a pic. Send me an email at dfwenger AT gmail DOT com if you agree.

Lynne said...

My kids ate them...no, not toxic.

Anonymous said...

Crayola doesn't have lead like some imported crayons of the past, but has been found to have trace amounts of asbestos from the talc used to make them break resistant. Children could get it into their lungs if they chewed on them. Overall, I'd say non-toxic except for the possibility of asbestos exposure...but doubt a dog or cat would be affected. Kathy

KatDoc said...

Yeah, that was an easy one, but a common question in practice. I didn't know about lead in imported crayons or asbestos in talc, though. Thanks, Kathy, for that input.

I have to throw in some non-toxic things every now and then, or you will just guess "toxic" to every post!


Anonymous said...

Yes, we like you to keep us on our toes! Kathy