Monday, July 9, 2007

Lunch Break

One thing that blogging has taught me is to take my camera with me everywhere. You never know when the next blog-worthy photo-op will occur. That adage was never more true than at my lunch break today. As I drove up to the Welcome Center booth at the Cincinnati Nature Center, I spotted a doe off the right side of my car, just standing in the weeds at the edge of the drive. I stopped and glanced away for a split second as I reached for my camera. By the time I looked back, the doe was joined by this fawn.
And then a second came along, while I continued snapping away, praying that the camera setting was right and that the passenger window wasn't too dirty.

Bambi Number 2 continued to head in the direction of the milk bar while the patient mom endured a strange woman gawking at her, taking pictures of what should have been a private family moment.
Both fawns were head-butting Momma, hungry for their lunch, and oblivious to the car next to them, while the doe waited and watched for trouble. Eventually, I had to move along, as there was another car behind me. They stopped, too, and enjoyed this magical experience.


LauraHinNJ said...

What a lovely thing to come upon!

How common are twins, do you know?

KGMom said...

Oh very cute--hope they stay safe. Too many time deer go running out on the road, totally oblivious to traffic.

Mary said...

Sweet. I always have my camera tucked away in a very large handbag. You were fortunate today to see those beautiful eyes.

Susan Gets Native said...

Twins are the norm, rather than unusual. Double the fun!
Don't you have to give yourself a high-five when a cute photo op presents itself, and YOU BROUGHT YOUR CAMERA??

KatDoc said...

According to eNature and the Ohio DNR, Division of Wildlife, does bred for the first time have one fawn, and in the following seasons usually have twins. Triplets are possible if the food supply is good. One site gave an 8-11% chance of triplets. In another report, one particular doe had twins in 4 years and triplets in 2 years of the 6 years study.

I patted myself on the back for having my camera near-by and nearly had hysterics when I uploaded the photos and saw they came out well. I hope this little family stays safe.


Lynne said...

Sweet photos! I always feel lucky to see littl spotted fawns but I've never seen the nurse!! Lucky you!!