Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have I been potting? You bet.

Here are some of my newest clay "children." A mother loves all her offspring, even the ones who are slightly, shall we say, off-center.

Remember this pitcher from its pre-firing photo? Now it's done, and I'm very pleased. Oh, it's small, no doubt, only 4.5" tall by 4" wide base, and maybe a little skewed, but it's my first pitcher, and I love it.

This is blue rutile again, on white clay. When you find a glaze that you like, you tend to stick with it.

This little bowl is no big deal in the world of wheel thrown pottery. A simple shape and only 3.5" wide by 2.5" tall, what I like about this piece is the feel of it in my hand - symmetrical, not too thick or heavy, balanced.

I also cherish the memory of making it. It seemed as there was no effort whatsoever. The clay slid between my fingers and did what I wanted it to without any struggle. It was the first piece I threw without having to think about it or work at it.

It makes the perfect companion to my pitcher, and the pair now occupies a place of honor on my mantle, next to pieces made by real potters. Maybe I can get good by osmosis.

What is this, you ask?

Why, a pump dispenser for lotion or liquid soap, naturally. The glaze here is Chun Plum, and I think it's awesome.

You buy the little pump parts at your handy-dandy local clay supply store. I use FunkE's Fired Arts, formerly Annie's Mud Pie Shop, an odd little place that is part gallery, part studio, part retail shop, and part warehouse.

In up-coming posts, the metamorphosis of the following bisque-fired pieces.

brown clay pots, from left to right:
"Aladdin's Lamp," another pump dispenser, and ??

I think the tall cylinder,
an exercise in achieving height, will be for my wooden spoons.

White clay, bisque fired. One small and two larger bowls, and two little cups.

I call the small one a rice bowl.
It just seems to have that shape to me.

More on these little cups and their function later.


Susan Gets Native said...

That red thing reminds me of a clay hot water bottle.

: )
Have you made water and food dishes for Holly and Gracie yet?
Or the cats? Is your house full to the rafters in pottery?

Oliver said...

Hey there! This is Oliver from FUNKe Fired arts! Glad that you enjoy the studio - things are coming along nicely! Let us know if you need anything else - you came up on Google search so I might have some glazes with your name on them :)

KatDoc said...


Thanks for visiting. FUNKe's is a quirky place. The first time I went there, I wasn't even sure I was in the right spot. I need to stop back; I'd like to try some new glazes. Also, I hope to start "mass-producing" pump bottles for lotions, etc., to give as Christmas gifts, so I will need more pump thingees.