Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pottery Progress

When last we saw the following pieces, they were bisque fired awaiting glazing. Now, they're back. The first is a pump dispenser for liquid hand soap.

Glazed in butternut (dark) and bamboo (light)

The tall cylinder did become a kitchen spoon holder. Only the best for my Pampered Chef spoons.

blue rutile

And this? I call it Aladdin's Lamp. It might be a bottle for a genie, or a vase for dried flowers, or maybe it is a piece of object d'art. Who knows?

Bowls from the last pottery post:

Chun plum glaze on on white clay, the first bowl is 7.25" wide by 2.75" high

while the second, which I called a "rice bowl" earlier, is 4.5" wide by 1.75" high.I just realized they have the same basic shape. If I can throw an intermediate size, I can nest one inside the other and sell them as a set of three. What are the chances that I can reproduce this shape in the right size?

Another bowl, blue rutile again on white clay. I am very happy with this one.

It isn't just the soft, worn, denim blue-ness of the inside, it is the whole weight and balance.

I promised to tell you what these little cups were for.

They are holders for tea lights and votive candles. With two left to glaze, I will have 11 for sale at the craft show in two weeks.

In line for glazing are the following:

Another bowl, this time of brown clay.

What was supposed to be a bowl turned into this. A bean pot?

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Mary C said...

Wow! Your pottery is so attractive. Great job, Kat Doc! Your tea light and votive holders will definitely do very well at the craft show.