Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scarborough Fair Goes to Harmony Hill

I have blogged about both of these places before, but in some cosmic twist of fate, two of my passions collided last night, and on the eve of the summer solstice, too. My planets must be in tune with the stars.

Harmony Hill Vineyards, in Bethel, Ohio, is the coolest place. There are free-range donkeys and perennial gardens, bluebirds, barn and tree swallows, and a sweet Purple Martin colony. Of course, there are vineyards and a tasting room and even a wine cave. And, on summer weekends, there is music.

Bill and Patti Skvarla, cruise directors of Harmony Hill
People bring their lawn chairs and their picnic suppers and sit around sipping Bill's wines and socializing. "It is like a private country club," said Bill. "We can seat one hundred," he added, "but there must be close to two hundred people here this evening."

Harmony Hill is very dog-friendly. I saw several well-behaved dogs, all leashed and staying close to their responsible owners, enjoying a pleasant evening out. (Heavy guilt ensues for leaving my girls at home.) The dogs weren't drinking anything stronger than water; they must have been the designated drivers.

Friday night the entertainment was provide by Anna and Milovan Beljin, a father-daughter duo who play an acoustic mix of folk, pop, and blues. Her voice is so sweet and clear, and with such rich tones, that it makes you want to cry. And, she nearly got me going with her rendition of "Almost Lover," my new favorite song.

The potters of Scarborough Fair showed up in force to meet and chat outside of the studio.

Peggy (left) and Carol (right)

Diane (left) and Ginger (right)

Your blogger, as "the lovely Carol Merrill."

Hey, we clean up pretty good! This is the first time I have seen these ladies when they weren't covered in clay. Seated, from left to right: Peggy, Carol, Diane. Standing, left to right: KatDoc, Pat (our newest member) and Ginger.


holly said...

Hey Kathi, email me again - I thought I saved your new one and apparently I didn't. I need to tell you something!

Lisa said...

Oh, yay! glad you had a good time - I didn't realize it was a Scarborough Fair group outing.

I was with you in spirit - went to meet a couple of co-workers after wk. at the Kroger at Brewer's Yard for their "Fridays at 5" wine tasting event.

Susan Gets Native said...

And then you all danced naked around a bonfire.

: )

KatDoc said...

>>And then you all danced naked around a bonfire<<

No, that's next weekend, at the pit firing. Updates next week.


Susan Gets Native said...

Whoops. Forgot.
Will you be taking pictures of the naked fire-dancing?