Monday, June 30, 2008

Pit Firing, part two

"Unloading the pit"

This has got to be the worst part of the whole pit firing process. We were messing around in the ashes and chemical residue, digging our foil-wrapped prizes out of the muck

Sometimes, the color of the aluminum foil was prettier than the pot that came out of it.

This was one of mine. I did good at getting lots of black!

These were better. (They're not mine.)

A barrow full of pots

The next job was to scrub all the soot away.

Cleaned pots.

But, we're still not done. Now, they need a coat of floor wax or acrylic spray, or some other protective coating. More chemicals! Oh, did I mention? None of these pots is food-safe.


Mary C said...

There's quite a variety of sizes and shapes. But best of all quite a variety of colors and designs. Thanks for sharing this with us.

NCmountainwoman said...

This part really does look like the pits. Glad to see the masks.