Wednesday, April 22, 2009

17 Napkins: Earth Day 2009

I stopped at Skyline Chili for lunch last week, picked up some cheese coneys and took my lunch to the park. When I arrived, I opened the bag to find ...

Seventeen paper napkins.

Now, admittedly, Skyline is messy, but really. I was only one person. Why in the world would I need 17 napkins for 2 cheese coneys and some fries? I thought about it during my whole lunch break. What a waste. The restaurant is wasting money by distributing so many napkins for one customer, natural resources are being wasted in the manufacture and distribution of unnecessary napkins, and landfills are overflowing with our trash, including all those extra napkins.

It's not just Skyline, and this excess isn't limited to napkins, but includes all sorts of things, like ketchup packs. When I eat at a fast food restaurant (which is too often, to tell the truth) I try to ask them for two napkins or only three condiment packets. If I forget, I take the extras home rather than throw them out.

It's the little things that count.
Think about it, today, Earth Day.

And, for a fun way to celebrate Earth Day, click here and share your photos with the world on Earth Mosaic.


(For the record, I used four napkins for my Skyline lunch, and the word "napkins" ten times in this post.)


holly-the-person said...

We always take the extra napkins and put them in my glove box. They've come in handy for sneezes, steamed up windows, wet dog feet, spills and a few times actually, when people forgot to grab napkins!

wv: dicsnore. I'm not even gonna touch that one.

cestoady said...

It has become the custom in many fast food places to take a hand full of napkins with even the smallest order. We have a generation who have become accustomed to generating waste as a normal behavior. The result is what you experienced from a clerk who, tragically, thinks it is normal to give you a handful of precious napkins.

What to do about it ?? If you are aware of this pernicious habit being done at your expense, may I suggest that you speak to the manager (not the attendant who will quickly dismiss you as a crank) of the wasteful practice. Perhaps nothing will become of your comments to the manager --and perhaps something will -- but at least you will have done something to raise the issue of waste to the management.

Weedpicker Cheryl said...

Great post Kathi!

You raise some good questions here-

We only have one Earth, we should take better care of it.