Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm really proud of this, my latest completed piece of pottery.
Now, if I only drank tea...

Textured navy and white, stencilled detail with medium blue and light red underglazes, on white clay. The knob is a ceramic drawer pull, attached after final firing. It has a 2 cup capacity.


Beth said...

Beautiful! You SHOULD be proud.


p.s. word verification was redowil. Will we see one of those in WV???

Lynne said...

Kathi- it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

my word verification is enduck!! Will we see one of those in WV???

holly-the-person said...

*I* drink tea...;)

wv: Kathi is my tutdr in bird education.

Lisa said...

OMG that's gorgeous.

my WV (word verification, not West Virginia) is "cibast" - I don't think that's a bird. I think it's a horse of a different color, for that matter.