Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dixie Models

Dixie often lays on the back of the couch while I am watching TV or reading. She seems to enjoy being near me without actually touching me. This makes for some nice close-up photos, and most of my pictures of her are in this position.

I had a great time trying out some of the different options on my new Canon Rebel while Dixie watched me.

Dixie in living color

retro Dixie in B&W

Dixie does sepia


Beth in NYC said...

Dixie's a pretty girl and she does like to pose!

My Scratchy does the same thing on the couch. She's very affectionate but at the same time, particular about how I go about showing her affection. Her brother, Itchy, of course, is the opposite. I can drape myself around him and he loves it.

Kyle said...

Oooo, Dixie is a beaut! I especially like that sepia shot of her (although it looks like she's almost sepia-toned in her natural state) -- how'd you do that? I've still got a lot of learning to do with my Rebel, it looks like. (I'm notoriously bad about reading manuals; guess I really ought to go back and find the Rebel handbook.)

By the way, regarding your question about bird-in-flight shots: I started out by using the "Sports" preset mode, which gives you both multi-shots and a fast shutter speed. You definitely need a pretty fast shutter speed. (I usually use at least 1/1250, more often 1/1600.)

Getting/keeping in-flight birds in focus is (for me) the hardest part, especially if they are either very far away or very small birds. I find that I get better results if I can first focus on something on the ground that is approximately the same distance away, then move quickly up to the bird. Of course, I rarely ever use a monopod or tripod when I'm out birding, so I tend to keep the Rebel on autofocus instead of manual. That kills me with in-flight shots sometimes, but...

That's about all I can think of for tips. That and a lot of practice. I'm still working on it myself, and usually get about twice (or more) as many bad or blurry shots as keepable ones.

KatDoc said...


Thanks for the in-flight tips. I will have to try them soon. Of course, I was practicing on Purple Martins last weekend; maybe I should start with vultures!

The B&W effect can be found under "Menu", then "Picture Style," then "Monochrome." For sepia, when you have monochrome highlighted, click the display button on your camera and scroll down to "Toning effect" and click on it with the set button. From this screen, you can choose sepia, or blue, purple, or green over-tones, too.

have fun!