Sunday, April 19, 2009

Owl-watching: Part 2

When last we left our baby Great Horned Owls, the two were about to meet. Owlet Number 1 is the resident from the nest can at Lake Isabella. Owlet Number 2 is an orphan looking for a new home. Will the two potential siblings get along?

Number One is the Fierce One, on edge and alert for danger."Look how big and scary I am. Don't mess with me.
I'm the top of the food chain,
and I could kill you if I wanted to."

Number Two is contemplative, taking in his surroundings and wondering what is about to happen."This is definitely a weird day."

"Get off my log."

"What is his problem?"

"I will bite you in the butt."

"Dude, you bore me."

"Are you my brother?"

"What are you guys looking at?
Can't you see we're bonding?"


Susan Gets Native said...

And bond, they did!
I checked this morning and they were cozied up with each other in the rain. Very very cute. And a success.

holly-the-person said...

Cuteness overload! How lucky you were to be there and get these pics. And I'm so glad the new sibling has been accepted, makes for a happy ending.

I do want you to know that although I probably will never become a 'Birder', (although never say never!) I find myself paying more attention to the birds and bird songs in my yard whenever I'm out there with the dogs. The other morning, I hit my head on a branch trying to look up quickly to see who the calls were coming from. Although we've always had birds around, their noise has just been background. But now I notice that I am actually listening to the different calls and songs, looking to see where they are coming from. Just watching birds moving from branch to branch as I wait for Lucy to pick the perfect blade of grass to pee on. This morning I watched 3 robins squabble seriously and wondered what that was about. And although we've had birds nest in a basket on our porch for 10 years, I am now serious about ID'ing them this year.

Oh yeah. Since I read years ago that hummingbirds prefer red flowers, I have made a point of planting just red petunias around my porch. And it works. But I think most of it is from reading your blog (and your friends.)

Shellmo said...

This made me laugh and smile! Wonderful photos - hope those two get along!!

dAwN said...

Those photos are priceless!
Just wonderful...
so cool that they got along.
my word verification is appropriate..
for the two buddies..

LauraHinNJ said...

Gorgeous pics!