Sunday, April 5, 2009

Countdown to the New River Birding Festival (3)

Scenic views of the New River Gorge area of West Virginia. Rocky streams and huge boulders are only some of the beauties of this area.

The Old Grist Mill at Babcock State Park. Birders who take the High Country trip will have their lunch break here.

I visited Babcock on my own during some free time two years ago, and am looking forward to going back.

General Lee tree -
the spot where General Lee met his famous horse, Traveller.
You'll see this on the High Country trip, too.

Kanawha Falls
You'll pass this spot on Rt 60
from Charleston to Fayetteville

And of course, the New River Gorge bridge, the highest vehicular bridge in the USA, and for years the longest single span bridge in the world. The bridge is on Rt 19 between Fayetteville and Opossum Creek.

Someone hold Susan's hand when driving over this bridge.
She has bridge issues.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. I can't believe I never went to this when I lived in Virginia.

Can't wait to get there.

NCmountainwoman said...

It is indeed a lovely area. We briefly lived in West Virginia just before the bridge was completed. What an amazing sight.

Those of us not going to the festival are counting down as well. Can't wait to see the pictures from everyone.

Susan Gets Native said...

WTF????? There's no RAILING on that bridge!!!!
Where the **** is the RAILING???????

*Susan, who is planning on driving 50 miles out of her way to avoid that bridge.

Mary said...

I don't mind bridges at all but that one scares a little. I'll just close my eyes...

It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous views, Kathi.

holly-the-person said...

How gorgeous. I may have posted this already (I can't remember, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself) but when I see NRG pics, all I can think of is Mary Draper Ingles and her journey up and back down, passing parts pictured here on foot and starving.

And people complain today when they have to park too far away from the door of Walmart!

wv: ablesir. Mary Ingles was very capable and able, sir. :)

holly-the-person said...

Susan, there are rails on that bridge (a concrete wall topped with a steel bar). It just doesn't look like from these pics. But it's there.

Kyle said...

Wow, that is just spectacular. I wanna go!! (West Virginny just moved WAAAY up on my list of places I need to visit!)

Can't wait to see the pics and read the reports when y'all get back from the festival!

Susan Gets Native said...

I don't see any freakin' rails.
And if there IS....well, they're too short.

holly-the-person said...

snort. I looked 'em up, just for you, to reassure you that they're there. Because the way the pic looked, I didn't see any railings either and so wondered about that.

2nd link, scroll down to 2nd pic.

KatDoc said...

Poor Susan. There really are rails and they are the standard size. It's just that the bridge is so big and far away, you can't see them. Trust me. You will be perfectly safe. I will take care of you and won't let you fall.

Holly, I love the Mary Draper Ingalls story, "Follow the River." I didn't remember that the New River was part of that book. I will have to re-read it.


holly-the-person said...

If Susan needs someone to come along and hold her hand- or better yet, drive over the bridge for her- I eagerly volunteer!!!