Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cape May - Day One

A little bit out of order, here are some random shots of our trip to Cape May:

Susan's new(er) Subaru, "Baroo" (say it with a slight head tilt to the side) filled to the brim with all my crap.

Yes, I packed more stuff than anyone else. Actually, I packed more than everyone else combined. Yes, I was the butt of everyone's jokes all weekend long. BUT, whenever anybody needed anything, odds were, I had it. Except an Ohio map.

My first view of the Philadelphia skyline, from I-76. Pretty neat.

Especially this tres cool building.
Had no idea what it was, so I looked it up when I got home: the Circa Centre. Very interesting.

The Walt Whitman toll bridge. By the way, there is no toll on the east-bound side, but they charge you $4.00 to get out of Jersey when you are driving west. Hmmm. I thought it was awesome. Susan looked like she was going to puke.

Who knew our bold, brassy Susan had bridge issues?

Meeting Lynne, just up from a nap. "Hello, Lynne! We're here!"

We had 3 bedrooms to choose from. Lynne arrived first, and staked out her claim. When asked, Susan didn't indicate a preference, so ...

Of course I took the big room.

After all, I had the most stuff!And this isn't all of it!

"Heeee-re's Laura!" Now, it's a party !

Gifts were distributed all around. Laura brought goodie bags filled with New Jersey souvenirs, like Cape May "diamonds."
Susan shared her lovely beaded jewelery. Lynne gave us delicate carved wooden feather pins.
My contribution consisted of pottery mugs in varied colors, with birds
stenciled on the sides.
I think everyone was pleased with their loot.

Dinner was "a slice" at Louie's Pizza.
Not a "guido" in sight.

A night-time stroll on the beach yielded me my first official Cape May bird, sanderlings playing in the surf. We could tell they were sanderlings by the way they ran back and forth with each wave. Also, I had a flashlight! It wasn't until I got home that I realized they were also my first Life Birds of the trip. Had I known that then, I would have taken off my shoes and done the Life Bird Wiggle barefooted in the sand.


holly-the-person said...

Oh, btw, everyone in the family has been admiring my pottery bowls all week. Right now they're on my windowsill with my plants (the bowls, not the family). I wanted them visible but safe! The boys were really impressed with your pottery skills.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yes, I was about to puke. Why can't bridges just be level...and short????

Mary said...

I'll bet you had a first aid kit, too. That's why we all rely on the pack rats.