Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Rare Saturday Off

Today was a Very Good Day. I enjoyed a rare Saturday off work, and spent it doing all sorts of fun things. First, even though I was not working, I checked in at the hospital, and the tiny, critically ill, 7 week old Maltese puppy I admitted Friday was STILL ALIVE! A very auspicious start to the day!

Next, I arrived at the Cincinnati Nature Center at 7:30am for the 8 o'clock bird walk. (Think I was anxious to go birding?) It was a bit chilly, but I had on plenty of layers, and extra clothes in the car in case I needed more. (Yes, I even over-pack for two hour bird walks.) The best "bird" of the day was a little birder-blogger named Nina (and her DH) - what a nice surprise to run into them this morning.

Trip List:
[Plus a domestic Graylag goose (technically not listable)]

Canada Goose
Wood Duck
RING-NECKED DUCK ( m/f pair, very unusual for this location)
Great Blue Heron
Turkey Vulture
Downy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER (my 200th bird for my 2008 Year List)

Mourning Dove
American Crow
Blue Jay
Carolina Wren
Carolina Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
White-breasted Nuthatch
Northern Cardinal
American Robin
Song Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow
American Goldfinch
House Finch

From there, I went to my mom's to clean up and we went shopping. Kohl's was having a major sale, and with her credit card, we got an additional 30% off all our loot. I bought this festive fall zip-front cardigan

originally $48, marked down to $17.99 and this yummy, soft (50% silk) sweater with a shawl collar

which was 60% off its initial cost of $59.50, then got another 30% off those prices. Now, I am not a big-game shopper by any means, but even I can get behind deals like this!

After a quick lunch with Mom, I headed off to Ally Beads, a beading store, for our staff Christmas party. I wasn't sure if jewelry-making would be my sort of thing, but I had a great time. I made two necklaces and two sets of earrings, from an agate-type of bead.

The only trouble with beading was all the many, many choices we had to make when it came to beads, charms and fittings. I'm not sure I would find this a relaxing craft, as there were too many decisions involved.

As usual, my staff won't let me put their pictures on the blog. They are afraid that you are all freaks and weirdos. I try to convince them that only a few of my readers are strange, but they are still worried. SO, I will have to settle for pictures of their hands and their projects.

planning - the first step

bracelet done, necklace next?

a work in progress

a completed bracelet (not mine!)

When I finally arrived home, I heard the Buckeye football score - 45 to 10 against Northwestern. A perfect close to a terrific day!


Mary said...

Fantastic Day! The kind of day we all need now and then. I had a little shopping fun myself today.

I'm sure Susan will love the beaded jewelry and give you a nice review :o)

Kohl's - have found my best buys there. They have incredible sales.

Football? Whatever :o)


My word verif: cattake

The word verifs have WORDS in them lately.

Susan Gets Native said...

AllyBeads is my favorite place to get beads. When I need stuff in bulk, I go to one of the big craft stores, but AllyBeads has a great selection of Swarovski crystals and lots of sterling silver. The clearance bin always has a treasure or two, also!

In the immortal words of Lynne, "GOOOOOOD JOB."
You got to see Nina today? Awesome!

bruss1510 said...

Staff Christmas party so soon? Wow - you guys are organized!

Beth, very jealous

Lisa said...

Waitaminnit - I thought ALL CAPS was for LIFE BIRDS?

NCmountainwoman said...

What a perfect day!

I'm impressed with the jewelry. And your staff is well-advised. We ARE a bunch of freaks and weirdos.

KatDoc said...


I don't know what the official ABA rules say, but for me, I use ALL CAPS for any bird that excites me; one that is rare, unusual, new (define "new"), dramatic, or otherwise kewl. You can use 'em any way you want, as far as I am concerned.

You didn't comment on the plummy sweater (the color is a little washed out here.) Isn't it bright? Won't it "show me up?"


PS: "Show me up" is an inside joke. My flashy, flamboyant, outgoing sister constantly complains of my blue-brown-beige-taupe color palate. I don't like bright colors that draw too much attention to me.

nina said...

It was great to run into you there!
Did you hear about the sighting just after you'd left?

(you'd be jealous!!)

KatDoc said...

Yeah, Nina - Mike e-mailed me that there was a PINE SISKIN on the feeders after I left. :P~

Oh, well - maybe I'll get one later.