Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miracles in Veterinary Medicine

This little dachshund was completely paralyzed. After back surgery by a neurology specialist to decompress his ruptured discs, and with lots of love and care by his owners, he is on the road to recovery. He has regained some normal function of the back end and can stand with support, but he is still using his doggy wheelchair when he needs to get around in a hurry.

This close-up shows you how the cart attaches via a chest harness.

Wheeled transport isn't for all dogs. I had one client who bought a cart for his paralyzed dog, and the poor thing was miserable. It just stood in one spot and refused to move. The owner eventually gave the cart to my assistant, who used it for her paralyzed cat. The cat, amazingly enough, loved it. Who can figure cats?

Lest you pity this little guy, here's a video of him in action. He can really go!

More importantly, he is happy.


nina said...

That's amazing--he really rolls along with that! Hope his rehab goes well.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh,that we humans could adapt to our disabilities like that. What a heartwarming story.

bruss1510 said...

OMG - what a cutie! I am in love (and I'm a cat person!).


Lynne said...

Most important, I think, is that he looks happy.


holly-the-person said...

"Bentley"? Love it - he is such a Bentley. He's gittin' it with his cart!

Verfication: houstis. I am the houstis with the moustis.

Susan Gets Native said...

I LOVE Bentley!

Word verification: squat

RuthieJ said...

Isn't that amazing? What a cutie! I'm glad he's recovering nicely.