Monday, November 3, 2008

Visiting with friends

Two women came to the tri-state area last night. Can you guess which one I was happier to see?

I drove past the Clermont County fairgrounds, site of a Republican rally featuring Alaska's woman governor, on my way to visit with some more important women. Julie Zickefoose was in town for a series of talks and field trips with 500 middle school students. She was staying with Nina, who graciously invited Susan and I to her lovely home for a bloggrrl get-together.

Julie regales us with snake tales.

It has been ages since I have seen either Julie or Nina, and I was happy to make the trek to see them both. After my struggles when I met with Nina, Susan, and Trixie at Trixie's mother's home, my navigational skills were called into question. Everyone was worried about me getting lost on my way to Nina's country home, but country directions are the kind I understand: "Go past the firehouse, turn at the unmarked country road across from the Grange. If you pass the high school, you went too far." I was the first one there.

A surprise guest was the fabulous Chet Baker. He created me in his usual exuberant way - leaping at me until I knelt down to say hello, then giving me a smooshy-faced kiss, which always includes a little tongue action, despite my tightly pursed lips. "Oooggy, Chet! What have you been licking?"

"Miss Susan has forgotten to bring me any treats. There is not even a goodie in her purse. Well. Perhaps I will shred this cereal box instead."

"Mether. There are no Cheerios in this box, so I will leave many small, small pieces on Miss Nina's floor. You may clean them up for me when I am done."

"Thank you, Miss Nina, for the massage. You are a very good doggeh massager and you may continue until I fall asleep in your lap."

Nina had a surprise of her own - one of her darling baby rat snakes, which she had found that day. She kept in a terrarium for us, knowing we would appreciate it.

Everyone got to hold it and of course we had to take pictures.

"I was just looking for a warm place to sleep.
I disaprove of being handled and photographed in this manner."

Thank you, Nina, for your hospitality. It was great to get to see you all again.


Mary said...

It looks like Nina had a party! With CHET BAKER! Boy, I'm jealous. But I plan on kissing Baker full on the mouth next April. And hug Julie, of course :o)

Julie Zickefoose said...

Wow. You girls are ON IT. It's Blog Chet Day. Yasss, it's all about the dog. I love how you've got Baker's voice nailed here.

It was so great to see you. Thanks so much for making the considerable effort to come and find Nina's house in the rural Ohio darkness. And know that you have thoroughly impressed this wine snob with Harmony wines. Great stuff you're pushing. I'm really looking forward to tasting the Chamboursin.



Susan Gets Native said...

Discriminating photo on my blog. RIGHT NOW.

KGMom said...

Goodness--all these blogs I visit feature the same woman in an autumnal jacket and a black and white dog.
And the amazing thing is--the dog TALKS in each of these blogs, and he always talks the same way.
Just amazing.

Susan Gets Native said...

We just happen to speak "Baconese".

: )