Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU Football: Another great victory!

OSU 42, Michigan 7. Need I say more?

Sure I do.

OSU under Coach Tressel is 7-1 over Michigan.
OSU has beaten Michigan 5 years in a row, a record.
Michigan is 3-9 on the year - their worst season ever.

And, if Michigan State is able to beat Penn State today,

OSU will go to the Rose Bowl, the only bowl game that really matters.

Today is a great day.


bruss1510 said...

Congrats to you and your Buckeyes. I know you are proud!


Susan Gets Native said...

There was a thing going on at Starbucks yesterday:
One tip jar said "OSU" and the other one said "Michigan" and you put your tip in the one you thought was going to win. OSU had a lot of money in there.
I'm happy for you Kathi....'cause I know how nuts you are about the Buckeyes.

Ha! I made a funny!

KatDoc said...

Proud, yes, Beth, and certainly nuts, Susan, but I think the adjective you are both too polite to use is ...


NCmountainwoman said...

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed the game from the old alma mater. UNC forgot about defense AND offense and the team just hung around the field for the most miserable game you can imagine. And against archrival NC State!!!

However, I am glad you have something to celebrate.

KGMom said...

You probably guessed I might weigh in--hmmmm OSU 7 - 1.
And that 1 would be. . .Penn State, the team that IS going to the Rose Bowl.
(and the word verification was INSTED--hmmmm, how did it know?)

KatDoc said...

Oh, no, Donna - the 7-1 stat is 7 victories over Michigan to only 1 loss in the last 8 years. For the 2008 season, OSU is 10-2, the 2 losses being to USC and Penn State.

I hate to admit it, but Penn State really deserves to be in the Rose Bowl this year. They had a great time and a terrific season.

BUT - if you tell anybody I said that, I will completely deny it!


dguzman said...

I KNEW IT! You secretly bow to the greatness of the Nittany Lion!

I'm telling.