Thursday, May 21, 2009

Identifying Birders

I will either get a lot of laughs, or a lot of hate mail after this post. I hope for the former, as I have nothing but love and affection for those whose photos illustrate today's theme, "How to Identify Birdwatchers by their Field Marks."

If you see person's face, you know instantly who he or she is. But, can you ID the following birders when presented with, shall we say, less than their good sides?

(post your guesses in the comments section)

For example, can you ID someone by his feet?

Or by his hat?
(especially when he rarely wears one?)
Jim McCormac
(This photo is a bit of a cheat;
it was taken at the OOS meeting, not at New River,
and is the only time I have ever seen Jim wearing a hat.)

By what he holds his hand?

Or her hand, for that matter?

How about from above?
Tim, aka TR

Or from behind?

How about when her face is hidden behind a camera?Kathleen

Does it help if the camera lens is really, really big?
(Get a blog, dude.)

Can you ID a person who is camouflaged?
Kathy B.

Or in her nat'ral hab'tat?Julie Zickefoose

How about by the company she keeps?
photo by Susan
me and Chet Baker

I told the following birder-blogger that I wouldn't
make him the butt of my jokes.

I lied.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

2. ?
3. Bill Hilton
4. Susan
5. Tim
6. Nina
7. Kathleen
8. Richard
9. Kathie Brown
10. Julie Z.
11. YOU!!
12. ???Dick Dennis is the only guy I saw in shorts

Beth said...

Whew! I am SOOOOOOO glad I didn't make this list!

(aka Tickle Me Elmo)

Heather said...

I can't identify most folks, but I've seen enough pics from other New River Birders to ID the following (I think!):

#4 - Susan
#6 - Nina
#7 - Wren?
#10 - Zick

Gosh, sounds (and looks)like you all had loads of fun!

Mary said...

I am very glad you did not catch me! LOL! Great job, Kathi.

holly-the-person said...

I have never met anyone but I'm going to guess a couple.
#2 is BOTB
#4 isn't a guess. That's Susan.
#6 Nina
#10 Julie

Weedpicker Cheryl said...


#2 is McCormac-

I would recognize that hat (God forbid it should be worn) anywhere! CBH

Kathleen said...

This is awesome! SO MUCH FUN!!!

Kathiesbirds said...

Kathi, I am so glad I kept scrolling down until I got to this post! What fun!

T.R. said...

It looks like a big egg from above!!!