Sunday, May 10, 2009

When's the next bathroom stop?

A van or bus load of people have a lot of differing ideas on how long is too long between potty breaks. It doesn't help the situation when it has been raining all week, and every body of water you encounter is flowing rapidly, sending subconscious messages to your brain: "gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee RIGHT NOW!"

falls below the grist mill,
Babcock State Park

Kanawha Falls

waterfall on SR 60,
between Hawks Nest and Gauley Bridge

babbling brook,
somewhere in West Virginia


nina at Nature Remains. said...

Wanted to comment, but must run off for a moment--gotta pee, gotta pee,...

(nice profile pic!)

T.R. said...

I never saw a single waterfall! Next year I hope to get upgraded to your tours! Yes, the constant light rain made one feel their own internal waterfalls flowing....

Mary said...

My secret to bladder success: dehydate. No water. Not a healthy idea but I always dread peeing in the woods.

Those falls are wonderful. I have some of the same photos.

Susan Gets Native said...

That reminds me...I gotta pee.

Lynne said...

I can relate to the gotts pee. I think I wound up dehydrated that week from refraining from drinking just to help avoid problems in the field!

Glad you swiped(!) that picture of you for you sidebar. It's so cute!
See what I mean about your sweet smile?

Mary said...


I like your header photo. Can I have a copy?


Bird Girl said...

Yes...and there was that one particular day trip when there was NO potty stops until we RETURNED!!!
Nice pictures and you sure know your way around WV!!!

Kathiesbirds said...

Did you have to remind me? I've been sititng here bloging for about 4 hours and now I gotta go! Thank God I don't have to try to find a tree anymore! (Though there were more than enough of those in WV!) Next time we need women bus drivers and trip leaders!

BTW, I really like the photo of the both of us on Lynne's blog that you stole to use for your icon photo. Nice job with the header on your blog two!