Saturday, May 9, 2009

Motorized Mascara

Last November, Mary wrote a post about the most ridiculous purchase she had made in quite some time. The Lancome saleswoman convinced her that she absolutely had to have "motorized mascara." Mare wrote about it and had us all in stitches, each one of us confessing to buying some goofy, useless item in a moment of weakness.

We begged her to bring the mascara to the New River Birding and Nature Festival, and she did. Not many of my fellow Farmhouse roomies got to see the demo, since Mary was up and doing her make-up at the kitchen table every morning at 4:45am, but I was lucky enough to witness the Big Event of the Week - Applying vibrating mascara.

The Preparation:
Mary withdraws the motorized wand
from the tube of mascara.

The Inspection:
I examine the tip of the mascara wand.
(Please note the spotting scope in the background.)

The Close-up:

Hmmm - looks like an ordinary mascara brush to me.

The Application:

"Careful, Mary! Don't poke your eye out with that thing!"

The Results:
Mary, the birder with the best make-up ever


Mary said...

Oh, my. I'm so photogenic (Yuk!)


Lynne said...

Waaa... I missed the motorized mascara! That's because I was in my scheduled shower time slot at 0550!

Bird Girl said...

Well now I've heard of everything - motorized mascara - hmmm...sounds dangerous (since I have to put it on without my glasses!!! That is so funny! Mary is really up to snuff with that new fangled stuff ;-) Good for you Mary!

T.R. said...

Double whaaaa! I was at the Rooster Cabin and missed this defining moment!!! Fantastic!

Susan Gets Native said...

Shoot! I missed the demo!
(I guess I should go to bed earlier than 2 am so I can get up to see the 4:30 demonstrations)

Kathiesbirds said...

And don't we just love her!