Monday, May 4, 2009

Naming the stone chicken

Birders use lots of clues to help them identify birds.

Migratory patterns can be helpful.
Habitat is an essential tool when making your ID.
Get into the habit looking at the back side of birds. Undertail covert patterns are valuable, especially when that may be all you can see of a bird high in a tree.
Field marks vary from bill color to wing bars to notched tails. Personally, I find central breast dots, often referred to as "stick pins," necessary.
Finally, many birds will form loose associations or communities, and will flock with others. Use the birds you know to help you ID the unknowns.Beth "the eggs would have been tacky"
with the stone chicken

Can anybody name that chicken?


Bill of the Birds said...

Phoebe told me to tell you that chicken's name is Beverly.

She signed your books, too (Phoebe, not the chicken) and I have them in the van for the OOS meeting.

Nice to see you in WV!

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Susan Gets Native said...

I was calling her Mae West. Because of her large breast.
That rhymed.

dguzman said...

I was gonna go with "Flocky," but compared to the other suggestions, mine's pretty lame!

Anonymous said...

I'm never any good at naming things. I name my cats after fictional detectives.

How about "Miss Marple" ? She was a feisty old bird!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Well it was Bethany until I remembered that the owner's name was Beth. Beverly is nice. Or maybe Wanda or Abigail.


(varification- gessessm)

Wil said...

Stone Hen

Great meeting you at the New River festival.

Lisa said...

Ooh, I like Phoebe's suggestion of "Wanda." It's a nice homely name. (Homely as in unpretentious, not unattractive.)

Beth said...

Hi All: Owner of the Stone(d) Chicken here. I like all the names (I had taken to calling her Trixie on the long, long drive home - yes, I talked to a damn concrete bird to stay awake!). I will let you know what name sticks. Thanks for the suggestions.


p.s. word verification was bessesse. The Chicken's new name might be Bessie!

Lisa said...

I dunno, Bessie is more of a cow name IMO.

I also think Mabel would be good.

Must.Stop.Thnkng.about. Chickennames.