Friday, May 15, 2009

KatDoc is birding Ohio's North Coast

And, if the "free Internet" is actually available, not imaginary, I hope to post from the OOS's annual meeting in Perrysburg (Toledo suburb) this weekend. We have a "Shade-grown Coffee House" get-together Friday night, with music by BT3 and poetry readings by others, including an original work by yours truly. (No, it isn't "Birdin' with Bill.") Saturday morning is birding on my own - I plan to visit Oak Openings (a Toledo metropark) and Kitty Todd Nature Preserve. Saturday afternoon will be talks by Kenn and Kim Kaufman and by Jim Berry. The evening banquet features keynote speaker and OOS President James McCormac ("Jimmy Mac.")

Early on Sunday, I plan a drive down to Springfield Marsh for bird banding with Tom Bartlett. (He sets up his nets at sunrise, as in 5:30am. And it is a one hour drive from my hotel. Guess who won't be there at sunrise?) Monday morning, I'm visiting Black Swamp Bird Observatory and birding the famous Magee Marsh boardwalk. I have an outside chance of some Life warblers, like Connecticut, or maybe even Kirkland's, there - wish me luck! I may take a run over to Ottawa NWR, especially if the boardwalk is slow and the auto tour happens to be open.

Maybe it will rain and I will get to go snailing, too.

Watch this space for photos of birds, birders, and bloggers in NW Ohio, birding capital of the world.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

You Lucky Duck!
This is the Blue Weekend at The Nature Conservancy's Kitty Todd--something I had hoped to get to for some time!
You'll have a wonderful trip--and many stories to share.

Good luck snailing!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Did you ever get another Midwest Birding Symposium hat to relpace the one you gave me? I LOVE that hat. I have never had a birding hat that fit my huge melon like that one. RuthieJ the Nature Knitter heard me whine about my huge melon once (OK, maybe more than once) and she KNIT me a cool, cool winter cap that FITS me!!
Anywho, thanks beaucoup for the hat and have fun birding. I'll say a novena for the Kirkland's for you. Don't think it'll help though...

wimpa, wimpa, WIMPA!!

KatDoc said...

Nina: Yeah, I'm excited about the Blue Weekend: Blue Jays, Bluebirds, Great Blue Herons, maybe Blue Grosbeaks, blue-spotted SALAMANDERS (I'm wearing my sally pin for luck!), blue racer snakes, wild blue lupine, big bluestem, and the rare Karner Blue Butterfly. Forecast is for heavy rain on Sat. AM, but it is supposed to be nice on Sunday, so I can go in the pm, after the banding trip.

Lynne: No, but I hope to grab one this weekend. I will beg and plead to Jen Sauter, and tell her I gave mine away to a big-headed girl from Minnesooooooota. I'm sure she will take pity on me. Glad you like the hat.


Kathiesbirds said...

You aren't birded out yet? Oh my goodness! I'm just getting started with writing about New River!

Bird Girl said...

How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your birding in a new place!