Saturday, May 16, 2009

Warblers at Magee Marsh

Palm Warbler

Wilson's Warbler

My original plan for today was to bird alone at Oak Openings, maybe catch some banding or a guided nature walk at Kitty Todd. Instead, I had the opportunity to visit Magee Marsh with some of OOS's top birders including Bill Thompson III, Jim McCormac, Cheryl Harner, Jen Sauter, and Peter King, among others. (It pays to know people!)

The above birds are two of the 17 species of warblers I saw, out of a total of 72 species. (The group had about 120, including 24 or 25 warblers, but I missed a few.)

Gotta run - the buffet dinner is starting!


Bird Girl said...

Oh.......I want to go to Magee Marsh next spring! Tell me all about it and where you stayed and anything neat to know about that place!!! Love your warbler pics and I've NEVER seen a Wilson's! Lucky girl!

denapple said...

Great photos! Looks like the weather has been better for you this trip. Here's to next year for the Blogger Flock at Magee Marsh!

My verification word - fulgoph, which must describe your birding trip somehow!

dAwN said...

Oh.I just read Jims post! Wow..lots of fav!