Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dragonfly Plates

You asked for 'em, you got 'em. My four "dragonfly plates" are finally done. Here they are:

I am very pleased with their symmetry - each plate is 7 inches in diameter - and the fact that they didn't warp. The rims are a little irregular, and the glazing, always a mystery to me, isn't quite what I imagined, but all in all, not a bad job for a novice pottery student.

Blue rutile. The form of this plate is the best, but the glaze surprised me. I got more brown and less blue than I was hoping for. This glaze shows off the dragonfly stamp the best of the four I used.

Chun plum. A consistent glaze for me, I'm pretty happy with this plate. The photo isn't clear, but the dragonfly shows up nicely IRL.

Grape jelly. The glaze is very nice, the rim of the plate is questionable. Although you can't see the bottom, I didn't get a foot ring on this one.

Forest satin.
This is my least favorite plate, both the glazing and the overall form. I have too many brush marks in the glaze, and I really thought I had smoothed the final coat pretty well. The rim is, well, pretty terrible.


holly said...

But they have dragonflies. That's all that matters...:)

LauraHinNJ said...

I love that blue/brown one!