Thursday, August 14, 2008

This one's for Susan Gets Native

Or, as I sometimes like to call her, "Susan Shoots Dead Stuff." Faithful readers of Susan's blog will know she often takes photos of the dead things she finds on her travels, even sometimes picking them up and taking them home. (Ugh.) It is one of the hazards of birding with Susan.

Well, Susan, this one's for you.

This poor little fox must have been hit last night, as her body was still in a fairly fresh state. I have never seen live foxes around here, but I found this girl on the side of the road less than a half mile from my house. How sad that my first neighborhood fox was a dead one.

Everybody say "aaaaahhh, shucks."

Just 10 feet or so up the road, I also found this:

The tip of her tail.

Lynne, I'm sorry, but I didn't get a picture of the Turkey Vulture that alerted me to this find. It was just standing by the side of the road as I came around the bend, and slowly walked over to the opposite side when I stopped. When I opened the car door, it flew.


Susan Gets Native said...

I do like to throw people a curve ball on my blog every once in a while. It can't ALL be cool raptors, right?

Sorry that your first fox was a dead fox. But hey...where there's one, there must be more!

Lynne said...

Waaa! I've only seen a TV on the ground eating once.
Waaa for the fox too.