Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flipping Rocks

One day, I found a caterpillar I didn't recognize, and went on-line to figure it out.

My search led me to Bev Wigney's "Burning Silo" blog, and her fabulous photos of the world in miniature. Her macro photography and her knowledge of bugs and other critters blows me away. I don't get there every day, but every time I visit, she makes me think or go "oooh, neat!" When you visit, be sure to read the side bar explanation of how her blog was named, it's a hoot!

Yesterday, I found this post, promoting
the second annual International Rock Flipping Day, to be held this year on Sept. 7. The rules are simple: Go outside and flip over a rock - it can be on dry land, in a creek bed, or under the sea, if you so choose - and observe, photograph, or otherwise celebrate what you find there. Just remember to return the rock to its original position; after all, you are invading someone else's home. You wouldn't want the woodland creatures to turn over your couch and leave it upside down, would you?

So come on, all you nature-nuts. Get outside and flip a rock on Sept. 7, then share what you found with the rest of us!

(Oh, yeah - the cat. It's an Eight Spotted Forester Moth caterpillar.)


bev said...

Hi Kathi,
I've just answered your question about International Rock-Flipping Day and how we share links, etc.. The reply follows your quesiton on my blog post about IRFD. Glad you're going to participate this year!

Lisa said...

Good grief, I wouldn't want *anyone* to turn my couch over. What lurks under there SCARES me.

(P.S. That cat has more than 8 spots. I'm just sayin'.)

KatDoc said...

Thanks, Bev!

Lisa: I think the moth has 8 spots, not the caterpillar.