Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Name that cat!

Calling all you caterpillar experts out there. While trying for macro photos of the goldenrod growing by my back porch today (yeah, the weeds really are this high around my house!), I discovered this caterpillar. I noticed it would rear up at me when I got too close.

Here are some close-up photos. Any ideas what it might be? Using one Internet site, I thought it looked like some type of looper, but it didn't make an inchworm-type loop while I was observing it.

You can click to em-biggen.

Edit: I may have figured it out. A photo and link on "What's this bug?" led me to this photo on Bug Guide, and the following ID:

The caterpillar of the Goldenrod Hooded Owlet Moth. Its host plants are asters and, wait for it - goldenrod! Don't you love it when things come together?


Lynne said...

Sorry, not a clue. Don't you wish the butterfly field guides showed the cat to go with it?

I'll bet Nina will know.

KatDoc said...

Yeah, Lynne - both online references and field guides seem to require that you know the butterfly (or moth) before you can figure out the cat that goes with it. I found a field guide on Amazon called Caterpillars of Eastern North America by D. Wagner which looks helpful.


Mary said...

You lost me! LOL! You are posting way too often for me to keep up. Slow down, will ya? Just joking.

KatDoc said...

Geez, Mary - my sister complains if I don't post enough, now you complain that I post too much.

A gal can't make her readers happy, LOL.

~K, who has several more posts stored up, so watch out