Thursday, October 9, 2008

14 days and counting down!

New Jersey, here I come!

I am getting so excited for this trip. For one thing, I really, REALLY need some time away from work and my hum-drum, every day life. I love my job and am generally happy, but just now, I need a change of pace.

For another, birding festivals are really fun times. If you are a birder and haven't done a birding event of some sort, I strongly advise it. It can be a three day weekend, like the upcoming Autumn Weekend at Cape May, Oct. 24-26, or a full week, like the New River Gorge Birding and Nature Festival, where birder-blogger chicks will Flock next spring, or even a one day field trip or symposium, like those offered by the Ohio Ornithological Society.

I get so much out of these events - a chance to hang with like-minded people, to learn something new about birds and nature, and to get out in the field with experienced birders. There, I see new birds and get better at seeing the birds I already know. A lot of what I know about birding by ear I picked up by going out with good birders and learning how to listen. Tapes and CDs can only take you so far - you need to practice in the field with someone who can lend you a hand (ear?) I have come a long way from my early days: "What's that? Cardinal. What's that? Another cardinal. OK, what's THAT? Yet another variation of cardinal." Birders are always happy to teach and to share.

Besides birding, I get to meet (finally!) a woman I have known for 8 years, but whom I have never met in person. Holly (a person, not my dog), an occasional commenter here, and I have been friends since 2000, when we met through an Internet community bulletin board. We have helped each other through many experiences, yet have never seen each other. She lives close to Cape May, and we are planning a get-together. I can't wait to see her IRL.

And finally, I'm getting a chance to meet Lynne and Laura, to talk with them, to bird with them, and most especially, to party with them.

Look out, New Jersey - the midwest girls are migrating east!


Mary said...

Kathi, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE Cape May. I was there several years ago - it's gorgeous and I hope to make the trip with the flock in another year or two.

Nice to meet a long-time friend :o)

NCmountainwoman said...

I know everyone is going to have a fabulous time. I can't wait to read the various blogs to see how the same event (or late night gab fest) is posted by everyone. I have a feeling they may be quite different.

Anonymous said...

You might wish to correct the typo in your link to a certain NJ Blog. Or are you going to the Cape Goy bird festival?

holly-a-person-not-the-dog said...

Kathi, I am SO EXCITED that this is falling into place, especially after our Maine thingy fell through this summer! Readers, years ago a group of us on said bulletin board kind of talked about meeting but plans fell through and it never happened. I am no longer in touch with anyone from that group except for Kathi and I am so happy that it looks like we're finally going to meet. Rather strange, to think of a friend that you've never met, but that is what Kathi is. She knows a lot of stuff about me that people IRL don't...haha... ;) This is just going to be too cool.

And as for Maine, there's always next year and better planning, eh? We'll get you up there to see and hear loons yet.

KatDoc said...

Anon: I can't figure out where my mistake is. I make lots of typos, so give me more info and I'll fix it.

Holly (the person): I'M SO EXCITED too!! And, some day, I'll get to Maine to see the loons (and you.)


Anonymous said...

Take a look at your list of blogs -- I think you mean New, not Jew!
Enjoy Cape May!

KatDoc said...

Oh, my God - How embarrassing! That's been up there like forever.

Laura, why didn't you tell me! It's fixed now!

~KatDoc, who never said spelling was her strong suite. (Yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose.)

holly (person not dog) said...

Typos of Jew and Goy? Is there a subliminal something going on here?

LauraHinNJ said...


How did I not ever notice that either?

Anyway... I'm so looking forward to this and can't wait to meet you and Lynne.