Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Sunday morning thoughts about my Saturday night

Ohio State beat Purdue yesterday, 16-3. There were NO offensive points on the board. We scored a defensive touchdown on a blocked punt, and 3 field goals. A win's a win, but we can't rely on defense and special teams for our scores. What happened to the offense yesterday? This kind of play won't send us to the Rose Bowl.

On the other hand, Michigan lost to Toledo, a MAC school, of all things. Michigan is now 2-4, their worst start since 1967, and they play unbeaten and 6th-ranked Penn State next week. What the HECK is going on in Ann Arbor this year? If they keep it up, they may not get a bowl bid, snapping their 33 year record. Any day when Michigan loses is a good day of football.

One of my staff members is a Halloween nut, and loves to go to haunted houses. She has been trying to get people to go with her for years. Well, I finally went along with them last night, to a "Haunted Bus Ride." It was in Clinton County, and I had to drive over an hour to get there. The crowd was huge and the lines were very long. The ride was on an old school bus with the top sawed off, and they drove us around in the woods and through the fields, where people in rubber masks jumped out at us and made scary noises. There were lots of guys with chain saws. A couple of people threw water at us, or sprayed us with Silly String. At one point, two semi cabs spouting fire roared out of the dark. One paralleled the bus with guys yelling at us, while the other actually rammed the back of the bus.

Was it scary? No, it was just noisy. (The semi thing was kinda cool.) Was it fun? It might have been if: (1) I had a guy along so I could clutch his arm and scream and pretend to be scared and (2) If the small girl in the seat behind me hadn't started crying at the first stop and then sobbed the whole trip, with her dad reassuring her, "It's only pretend, they won't hurt you. See? Everybody else is having fun." Stoopid people, to take a young child along on this sort of thing!

During the whole trip, I kept thinking, "That field would be good for sparrows. I wonder what kind of ducks visit this pond? If there were any owls in these woods, they are long gone." I could only think how much more fun I would have had, walking this path in the crisp, cool morning, looking for birds and listening to the sounds of nature.

After the bus ride, I had to drive more than an hour back home. BORING! What a waste of 4 hours, $12 dollars, and 1/3 tank of gasoline. I guess I have no appreciation of "fun."


Mary said...

YOU are a football genius. Let me share:

Yesterday at dinner. There was a game on TV. I saw the Carolina Blue. Asked Michael, "who are they playing?" He replied "Notre Dame". I asked, "Why are they playing a college team?"

Eyes rolling, he replied, "They're the TARHEELS!" Oh. Not the Panthers. Oh, well...

LauraHinNJ said...

Yeah, fun.


Glad that we all have differing opinions on what that is.

BTW, there's a really neat "ride" similar to this near my big brother's - it's good and scary though!

holly-the-person said...

Well bah, humbug.

Years ago we did a cookout with another couple in a nearby state park. They have lovely walking trails all over. After eating when we hiked, they took their ginormous boombox out of the trunk and propped it up on top of the baby's stroller. I was totally disgusted and spent much time trying to outdistance them.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the peolpe who invited you. They obviously like you enough to invite you along , and all you can do is complain about how much of your time and gas it takes to spend time with them!Life is only as much fun as you make it. a positive attitude goes a long way. Maybe you could have had fun just hanging out with your friends even if the event was a little lame. Hopefully your attitude will be better if there is another outing.