Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Two Favorite Teams

are OHIO STATE and Whoever is Playing Michigan.

That's especially true when the team is one who beats the Wolverines 45-20. Thanks, Illinois, for handing Michigan their third defeat of the season, making their 2-3 start the worst since 1967, when they started 1-4.

Way to go, Bucks, for pulling it out at the end of last night's game. 20-17 over Wisconsin makes us 4-1 on the year, with our only loss to the (then) number one team in the country, USC. With Southern Cal's defeat last week, we still have a shot at the big time.


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Lisa said...

You must confess your fair-weather (OK, actually not-too-late-night) fandom. People, she thought her team was done for and she FELL ASLEEP!! and missed the Ohio State TD with 1:08 remaining in the game. Tsk, tsk.