Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're Off!

Truth in advertising time. This post was written in advance and timed to publish at 6:00 AM, Thursday, October 23. That is the time that Susan and I are planning to be on the road,* driving east to Cape May, New Jersey, for their Autumn Weekend event. Our goal: To celebrate the fall migration of flocks of birds, and the second annual migration of The Flock.

The Flock consists of a loose association of birder-bloggers who first met last fall at this same event. I'm not sure who all the original members are, but I know at least three names: Susan, Laura, and Delia will all be returning. New migrants include Lynne and myself. Sharon the Birdchick may meet us for a meal, as well as John, Patrick, and Jay from BirdJam. In fact, we don't really know who all will be joining us.

So, if you are a birder-blogger and you see us in Cape May this weekend, say "Hey!" and join us for a drink, a joke, a field trip, or whatever trouble we are getting into at the moment. I'm sure you'll be welcome.


At least, we are planning to leave at 6am. Since Susan's clock only recognizes 6pm, not 6am, I'm not sure what time we will actually be departing. One thing is sure - there will be plenty of stops for caffeinated beverages!]


donaldthebirder said...

Never been to Cape May. I have always wanted to go there to beef up my life list. Don't have the money. Tired of minimum wage, need a new job!

KGMom said...

You went away on the weekend that Ohio State plays Penn State?
I hope your room has TV, and since the game is on a 8 p.m. chances are you won't be birding.

holly-the-person said...

I got a vmail from Kat today, confirming our meet **tomorrow**. She's added a bunch, including 4 lifers...and they were going to a sports bar tonight to watch the game!

dguzman said...

Sorry about that PSU/OSU score, Kathi! Did you know that the crazy drunks here in State College actually RIOTED downtown?! Breaking car windows, emptying trashcans, etc.--how ridiculous. Yet another reason I don't support PSU--the fans are morons!

Susan Gets Native said...

Hey! If I may correct you for your readers...
I was WAITING in my car at 6 A freakin' M for you!

KatDoc said...

Hi, all! I'm back, but haven't even unpacked the car yet, so posts with photos will have to wait.

First and foremost: Susan WAS waiting in her driveway, with the car running and warmed up, when I arrived at 6:05AM. Susan, I apologize. I will never again say you can't be up and ready in the morning!

KGMom: I forced the Flock and guests to dine at a sports bar Saturday night so I could watch my game. Wearing Buckeye gear in New Jersey the weekend of an OSU/Penn State game may not have been the smartest thing I ever did, but what the hell.

Delia: Thanks for the sympathy, sweetie. OSU fans have been known to do the same things for big victories - turn over cars, burn mattresses in the street, etc. What this has to do with football I'll never understand.

Holly-the-person: Thanks for updating the peeps while I was away. Meeting you was the best!

~Kathi, the tired one

KatDoc said...

Cape May can be done inexpensively. Tips: 1)Drive, don't fly. Yes, it is 12+ hours, but if you go with a buddy, it is significantly cheaper than flying and renting a car. 2)Room with somebody, and don't stay at the fancy hotels on the beach. There are deals to be had if you look. 3)Skip the banquets and extra-cost events. 4)Bring along food. I had easy-to-eat foods like mixed nuts, cheese, apples, and protein bars, so I didn't have to buy breakfast or lunch. I splurged for my dinners, but could have eaten cheaper if I had to.

I think what you need is not a new job, but a new attitude.