Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two by Two

Wednesday is my day to be in the office at 11:00am, so I sometimes run errands or sneak in some early morning birding before work. Knowing that there were two Franklin's Gulls hanging around the south swimming beach at East Fork Lake State Park, I left the house early in order to chase these potential life birds.

On the road to the lake, I encountered 4 white-tailed deer on the side of the road. I slowed way down as I approached, ready for them to bolt. Nothing doing. These girls barely noticed me. One paused mid-mouthful to scratch her ear with a hind foot while I reached for my camera. They didn't even bat an eye while I "shot" them.

Not so these two guys. The minute these tom turkeys saw my car pull into a parking lot they were on the run. I managed two quick snaps, and this was the better one.

Did I get the Franklin's Gulls? See next post.


Mary said...

Gee I'd like to sset my hours to arrive at 11am a day a week. I'll get you found those soon?

Mary said...

Oh, my God. I need to proofread my comments. I don't stutter and I can spell "bet".