Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last Hurrah at Harmony Hill

Harmony Hill Winery is officially closed for the season, but Bill and Patti held a private party for Patti's anesthesia colleagues last night, and they asked me to work. Since it was an open bar, it was different than a usual weekend. While I still had to describe the wines to the majority of the guests, I didn't have to do any tastings or charge by the glass, so it was less stressful for me. Several people bought bottles to take home, and a couple of people bought cases, but mostly it was just a fun night of pouring wine and chatting.

I must say, these people know how to party! The event was special from the moment I pulled up the driveway. Patti had decorated with straw bales and scarecrows, and set up tables and a tent for dinner.

The caterers put on a terrific spread and Bill made sure all the staff got a meal break. Entertainment was provided by Anna and Millovan, a father-daughter musical duo who are HH favorites. Click here for their video of Etta's James' "I Would Rather Go Blind" and here for "Mercy." You won't be sorry! (Be sure to select the "high quality" options for best viewing.)

You could also have your fortune told by an "angel card" reader (Tarot for the tentative) or have your handwriting analyzed.

For the younger kids, there was a miniature golf course and a bouncy castle.

For bigger kids, a chance to play on a Segway X2! Bill encouraged his team to take a turn. Here I am, focused on not falling off - biting my lip must help me concentrate.

But, eventually, I go the hang of it, and even had a little fun!

The evening was capped off by tethered hot air balloon rides. This one I didn't try, despite Bill's urging. My fear of heights overwhelmed the temptation to soar above the vineyard.

This is a great job! Where else can you eat, drink, and play all while getting paid? I told Bill I felt funny cashing my check - it didn't seem right. Oh, I cashed it, make no mistake, but I felt just a little guilty about it.


NCmountainwoman said...

That really looks like a fun day. But you really should have gone up in the balloon. (Says Carolyn who wouldn't go up at gunpoint.)

Great shots of a great day. And getting paid for it too? Priceless!

Mary said...

No guilt! We should all have the opportunity for getting paid to have fun :o)

No balloon rides for me, either. Good decision, Kathi.

I tried a Segway once - it's easy once you get the hang of it and you seemed to catch right on!

Nice day...

Lynne said...

What a fun day!
I wanna ride a Segway..... :(

Susan Gets Native said...

What is up with birders and Segways all of a sudden? You and BOTB? Is this the new thing?
Far thee well, Harmony Hill. See ya next year!