Sunday, October 19, 2008


While my colleague has been away, we have been boarding her pets at the office, including this vicious watch-hound, Mitral. Alert readers may remember this handsome Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as the model for my series on puppy handling and training.

When it is slow or during our lunch hour, we let Mitral out of his cage to patrol the treatment area. Here he is on one of his frequent rest breaks.

For the record, I did not give him this stuffed toy. I disapprove of toys that encourage dogs and cats to bite their veterinarians.


Lynne said...

Mitral? As in mitral valve?

KatDoc said...

Yeah, seriously. Cavs are prone to heart disease, so she decided to accept fate and called him Mitral.

I thought it was a funny name at first, but it grows on you.


Mary said...

What a name!

Where did Mitral get that chewable character - Yucky Medicine, Doggie Doctor?

Chloe would love to sink her teeth into that one!

holly-the-person said...

Kathi, I can't stop laughing this evening, for various reasons! Feel free to share the story with whomever!

Susan Gets Native said...

I can vouch for Mitral. His fur is as soft as it looks. And he is as cute as Kathi portrays.
Very kissy.

KatDoc said...


That toy is by the same company that makes the fat cats that Chet Baker de-stuffs and Holly's "ow-di-gator."

Holly the person:

I outed you tonight. You got your own blog post! (What some people won't do for fame...)