Monday, October 20, 2008

A funny story

Everybody who reads this blog knows I am going to Cape May, New Jersey for the Autumn Bird weekend. Most of you know the Cape May trip is this coming weekend, Oct. 24-27. And, a few of you may also know that, as well as birding, I am going to finally get to meet, IRL, an on-line friend I have known for 8 years.

Everyone knows the date of the Cape May event, that is, except my friend. She is a regular commenter here, and you may know her as Holly-the-person, a name she gave herself to be sure we know she isn't Holly, my dog.

Holly-the-person is so excited about our meet-up, scheduled for next Sunday evening in Lewes, Del., that she actually arrived at the ferry terminal to pick me up


Yes, at 6:05pm on Sunday, the 19th of Oct, I got a phone call from Holly. "Are you here?" she cried anxiously. "I have watched everybody get off the ferry, and I haven't seen you."

I was momentarily disoriented. "No, I'm in Ohio," I replied. Just then it struck me. "NEXT Sunday, Holly. It's NEXT week that I'm coming."

We had a good laugh, and made promises to meet next weekend, same time, same place.

Isn't that the sweetest compliment? Someone is so excited to meet me that she is a whole week early! Holly, I'll see you soon. And I will endeavor to be the FIRST person off the ferry, so you don't worry.

(PS: She gave me permission to tell this story.)


Susan Gets Native said...

That. Is. Priceless.

Really, Holly...don't get too worked up. Kathi isn't THAT great.

(Just kidding. She is.)

holly-the-person said...

You have me snorting Susan. Now I'm laughing all over again at the sheer craziness of it! I was so PROUD of myself! Left in enough time to not only make a couple of stops on the way but once I got there, take Lucy for a walk, visit the ladies' room, and watch the ferry come in. Then I stood there as the dozen or so foot passengers got off and left.

My family thinks it's hysterical, as I do. When I called my husband, I could hardly get the words out I was laughing so hard. And he shouted out when I told him. My mom called last night and I told her and we got to laughing so we couldn't talk, as I described trotting up and down the terminal, more anxious each time and looking into each face again.

Sunday night, I said 'Self, look. Kathi has a little time -ticker-offer on her blog! Why couldn't you have noticed that this morning!'