Friday, October 31, 2008

Dining out in Cape May

Finding food in a new place can be a challenge, but advice from locals or people who have been there before always help.

Susan recommended this pizza place for a quick bite on our first night in Cape May. Here I got "a slice" and a Snapple lemonade.

Pizza by the slice has a very New York sort of feel to me. And an East Coast "slice" is much more generous than one in Ohio.

Susan and Laura had also eaten here before:

I wonder if the shorts-wearing waiter had anything to do with their rave reviews. The cheese ravioli and huge meatballs were to die for. I was surprised at the number of Italian restaurants in Cape May. I didn't see any Mexican or Chinese places, but lots of Italian ones.
Maybe it has something to do with the Guidos?

Susan, are you dreaming about the waiter?
Or plotting a way to get corporate sponsorship for your blog?

Here is a Cape May institution, right on the beach:

Birders are practically required to have breakfast at Uncle Bill's at least once during the Autumn Weekend. Sadly, once was all I could afford; pancakes, sausage, OJ and milk plus tip ran me nearly $20.

I didn't get a photo of the C-View Inn, sports bar cum restaurant, where we ate, drank, and made merry on Saturday night. Nine televisions and the rumor that Pete Dunne eats there were good enough for me. The crab cakes were good, though small. They don't do a frozen margarita, only on the rocks, so I settled for Corona with a wedge of lime. Good thing, too, as I don't think the group was ready for KatDoc on tequila.

This little diner
was not in Cape May, not even in New Jersey, but across the bay in Lewes, Del. It was the site of my oh-too-brief dinner with Holly-the-person, my e-friend of 8 years who I finally got to meet in real life.

The food was good but the company better. I had flounder, stuffed with crab meat (yum!), loaded mashed potatoes and a cake called "Tres Leches," which was made of three kinds of milk.

"For I have friends I've never met."
Well-met, Holly!


Lynne said...

I think my favorite meal was the pecan pancakes I had at Uncle Bills' with you. Eating was such a social thing for me. Yak-yak-yak!

It's so cool that you got to take the ferry to meet your friend Holly. We enjoyed hearing all about it.

holly-the-person said...

Oh God. What did she tell you?

Mary said...

Kathi, I lived 10 minutes from Lewes for three years. I found the best SEAFOOD there. Do you like steamed crabs? Guido food is good but you can't beat the seafood along that shoreline!!!!

Susan looks so dreamy and lovely in that photo... What is it with Susan and Laura's wavy hair that I've paid lots of money to have years ago? Dammit.

Happy your met a good friend you never met. How cool :o)


holly-the-person said...

I'm considering that picture that Kathi took of came out pretty good! Sometimes you look at pics of yourself and think 'Is that ME?'.

I so thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kathi last week, everyone around me is probabably sick of hearing about Kathi-my-online-friend-who-I-finally-got-to-meet. She is funny and warm and just as sweet in person as she has been online. It was just so *cool* to meet after all these years. I like Kathi very much!

Kat-on the way home I called Robert at work to replay our meeting & dinner and he said 'Let me guess. You had the crabcakes.' I told you!

KatDoc said...

Holly: You only think I'm sweet. Read my "werewolf" profile in the next post,

Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha {spooky Halloween laugh}

~KatDoc (by day)

holly-the-person said...

Yeah. I know what you really are.

Interesting, I've been reading everyone's blogs about Cape May. And I agree with-geez, now I've forgotten, Laura from NJ? - that the marsh smells good.

holly-the-person said...

One more comment and then I'll leave you alone for the night. You didn't just have 'fish', you had flounder stuffed with crabmeat!!

Have you noted Delaware on your states-visited map? :) It's such a little place, it's hard to tell.

KatDoc said...

Thanks for the memory jog, Holly. I was trying to remember what I ate; I knew there was crab involved!

No, I haven't fix my map yet, I keep meaning to and then I get distracted by someone else's story about our weekend.