Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Colors

I am finding out that glazes are addicting. I keep coming across new colors I just have to have. Here are two of them.

"Textured Kiwi"
I first saw it on this bowl, made by my instructor Rachel, at a gallery where she was exhibiting her work. I loved it so much, I bought the bowl.

Isn't it yummy?

I like glazes that work on both white and brown clay. Rachel's bowl was of brown clay, and here is textured kiwi on a piece of mine, made of white clay.

It looks different from every angle. I love the swirls of blues and greens.

Here is textured kiwi again, on a pump dispenser.

"Light Blue Shino"
This is another new color for me. I saw it, and some other "shino" varieties, on some mugs made by another potter, and bought them. Again, she had used it on brown clay, and I have tried it first on white.

The inner surface of this bowl is a lovely blue.

The outer surface has two problems. First, I left some thin areas when I painted the glaze on, and it "broke" to a brownish streak in the middle. Also, I was trying to do some stenciling with a black underglaze, like the sun-moon mug, but I only did one coat of black, when I had done two coats before. My cats and paw prints came out as brown smudges, not the dark, clean images I had hoped for.

Ah, well - It's a learning process.


LauraHinNJ said...

Ooh I like that light blue... so pretty with the brown.

NCmountainwoman said...

Those are lovely colors. That's one of the best things about pottery. You don't have to worry about every piece looking the same. (Thank goodness Martha Stewart gave us permission to mix and match.) I often use several serving pieces, mugs, etc., with very different colors and glazes. They look wonderful together.

Kyle said...

Looks like a happy little bowl, nonetheless, with that cat-tail smile and those mischeivous glancing paw eyes. :-)

I love the kiwi -- we have a round casserole dish (bought at a renaissance festival years ago) that I would have to describe as a blue version of that green glaze. Heh. Same type of finish and same level of ... saturation? Anyway, I love it in the green, too!